Latest Craze in Korea & Japan: Hangover Makeup

Had too many last night? Want to cover it up with makeup? You actually don't need to! The hangover look is a huge trend Japan & Korea! Many girls from Korea & Japan are posting pictures of the hangover chic.

Now you might be asking yourself how this is even possible. Why on earth is a hangover look pretty? Don’t fret, here at Niniko we will teach you the basics & maybe you can be the one to start the “hangover makeup” trend in your city.

First step is to actually make your eye bags puff. Unlike in Western countries wherein eye bags are covered, puffy eyes (aegyo-sal) is part of this trending look. Next is to apply the blush directly under your eyes, giving it an impression that you actually look tired. Voila! You are now nailing the hangover chic.

Below are the step by step instructions to achieve this new craze look: read more